How long Is Hooks Texas By Texarkana?

Located in Bowie County, Texas, Hooks provides a population of two, 709 which is part of the Texarkana metropolitan region. It might be on U. S. Freeway 82 and the Colorado Northeastern Train. It is a important transport centre for the area and is house to two main military installations. The Violet River Military Depot and the Lone Star Army Rounds Plant happen to be in the city.

Our economy of the city has changed after a while, and is a diversified 1 due to pure cotton production. Most of the labor force is required at the military installations.

The city of Hooks was established back in the 1830s as being a supply center for the purpose of the Warren Hooks planting. It had a population of approximately 800 by simply 1940 and was a great incorporated city by 1950. The citizenry increased to about a couple of, 319 simply by 1950. State is now located just thirteen miles west of Texarkana.


The city is known for its spiritual heritage. They have three church buildings. It is also house to the globe’s largest Holiday tree. In addition , the city is home to two sawmills.

The city of Hooks possesses a low cost of accomplishing business. The region is home to a lot of parks and equestrian paths. It is also home to a number of museums.

The city has a many homes, but the median home worth is only $102, 900. The home passion rate for the last 12 months is normally 4. 6% as well as the rate for the last 10 years can be 10. 7%. The city comes with public schools which have been highly rated.

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